Déjà vu – All Over Again?

Can a person have too many blogs? YES! HOLY CRAP YES!

However does that stop said person or persons from wanting to keep going?


Thus, with great trepidation, Booze and Letters is back. This time Courtney and I have some motivation to work on this site and the subsequent podcast. We have people requesting it — I KNOW!? Strange, right?

It’s true. Friends a family have both asked us when we are going to put together something that talks about places we have been or topics that we are interested in. The site is going to have more content showing up soon too; and we’re going to have new podcasts coming out, eventually. That one is going to be a bit tricky. However we are motivated and we’ve set it as a New Years Resolution, so how could it go wrong?

When July rolls around remind us of this post. Thanks!