HEY … REB? Is That You?

unknown-1I’m not a fan. This feels too flat and lacks personality.

When I look at the new logo I don’t get the sense of attitude that I believe Hey Reb should have. The text on the curved letters also feels less stable, less solid (yes metaphorically as well as literally). I do like the incorporation of the Vegas Sign. But, at the same time I am thrown off by the star being too low. Actually let’s really get picky about this logo.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I understand that it’s not new for UNLV to refresh their athletics logo. This just feels like a step too far away from what we have all known for the last thirty years.


This does not look like Hey Reb, much like a friend said on facebook, “I think Sam Elliott gonna sue somebody!” Hey Reb has a more pronounced chin. Where did his chin go. That was a damn strong chin, which looked strong, Where did the classic moustache go? Hey Reb had one hell of a stash going!

iu.jpegI do like the incorporation of the Las Vegas Sign. However, as I mentioned previously the star is in the wrong place. The star is outside of the diamond shape. By placing the star inside of the shape, and right next to Hey Reb’s head it looks like were facing the terminator T-800.

Call me out of touch, call me nostalgic, but this logo feels, proper. The outline and the connected letters look like what you would expect from an embroidered logo on a jacket or hat. This is my prefered wordmark.iu.gifActually, this is my preferred university logo for hats and shirts. Interestingly, the university is not (at least as of this posting date) getting rid of this wordmark. https://www.unlv.edu/identity/downloads

I dunno, I may be reading too much into this. But, I am not alone. While some people do like the new look, as an alum I think it lacks substance and does not connect to the university. I do like the addition of the Vegas sign, but by screwing up the star location it creates confusion. Listener Ben pointed out, “Looks a little like this…”