YES! Vegas Got Something Right!

For those who know me know that I have a simple phrase that mostly sums up my feelings about all that went on during my time in Vegas. Simply put, most times when anything happens in Vegas I can sum it up with the phrase, “Stupid Vegas”.

Finally however, something good has happened in Vegas that has nothing to do with gaming or sports.
This past month UNLV earned an R-1 designation!!

This is important because while we think about colleges and universities as a place to earn a degree, they are also places focused in on research that will benefit everyone. Looking for the cutting edge of Physical Sciences in Tech or Medicine? Think UNLV. How about Social Sciences like Sociology, Political Science, or Communication Studies? Think UNLV! Oh, and if you are like some of my friends who love to point out that UNLV has classes in Beverage Management, guess what, still a degree from an R1 university.

For those who don’t know what that means, according to the, Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education UNLV has earned a space amongst a special group of universities. Because of UNLV’s focus on research at a high level, they have earned one of the biggest goals that they wanted to achieve. They are now a high level research institution.

Not bad for a school that’s an oasis in amongst a city of absurdity.

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