Okay, What’s Going On Here?

IMG_0374For the three of you who did not get the memo, Spankwagon is back! Run! Flee! Return to the warm embrace of the Greatest Internet Radio Show Ever!

Now that the original rotten show on the internet is back I want to re-focus Booze and Letters into a different site. This is going to happen slowly as Courtney and I shape it into something that a bit more erudite. That said, I know that I get teased for being too ‘NPR’ -ish, but I want to find the happy medium between the NPR-ish Mark and the SWR Mark.

In the next few months you are going to see different content show up here. I honestly do not know what is going to work, or not work, and that’s the fun of it. If anything  Courtney and I plan on having more original writing here. We want to write, post, and create.

To wrap up, expect something here soon. Follow us on Twitter and let’s see if this works.

HEY … REB? Is That You?


I’m not a fan. This feels too flat and lacks personality.

When I look at the new logo I don’t get the sense of attitude that I believe Hey Reb should have. The text on the curved letters also feels less stable, less solid (yes metaphorically as well as literally). I do like the incorporation of the Vegas Sign. But, at the same time I am thrown off by the star being too low. Actually let’s really get picky about this logo.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I understand that it’s not new for UNLV to refresh their athletics logo. This just feels like a step too far away from what we have all known for the last thirty years.
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Eulogy for an Exceptional Guy

10629812_10201529274792299_6974648025402778805_n.jpgTo say I am bummed about the news of Jack’s passing is too simplistic. Since I really don’t have the right word available, allow me instead to share a couple of stories about that biker dude you see on the cover of the Weekly.

I first met Jack in early 2009 when I was attending UNLV. Thursday nights after my late class would wrap I would walk over to The Freakin’ Frog to get a beer, burger, and some fries. The Frog was a beer bar known for its massive bottle selection. While the bar was a standout place in all the noise that is Vegas, it was Jack that made the place what it was. Continue reading “Eulogy for an Exceptional Guy”